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Video Tips

📹 My Video Tips on YouTube! The complete playlist is here.

Before Knitting

How to Re-Loop a Skein
Winding Self-Striping Skeins
Measuring Gauge of Complicated Stitch Patterns
Measuring Gauge on Diagonal Stitch Patterns


Casting-On Without a Slip Knot
How to Best Cast On 1 Stitch Total
Never Estimate Long Tail Cast-On Length Again!
German Twisted vs. Long Tail Cast-On
Never Have A Twisted Join In-the-Round!

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KFB vs. M1
Moss Stitch Tips
Why Slip the First Stitch?
German vs. Wrap and Turn Short Rows
How To Cluster Stitch
How To Waves Stitch

During Knitting

Looser Shawl Edges
Matching Self-Striping Skeins in a Project
Carrying Yarn for Knitting Stripes
Knitting from Left to Right (or "Backwards")
Clever Ways to Mark Your Place in a Chart
Reading Charts in the Round
"Spit-Splicing" Yarn of Any Ply Number
Grooming a Stitch Pattern While You Knit

After Knitting

Blocking Intarsia
Blocking Shawl Edgings
Braiding with Any Number of Strands


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