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How to Use A Photo Editing Software to Change A Knitting Design!

Sometimes a pattern has everything. Well... maybe everything except one little thing.

"Can I change it?""Sure you can change it.""But what will it look like?!"'"I don't know... but what if you knit it and it's A TERRIBLE IDEA!"
That was the oh-so-deep conversation I had with myself about Millstone by Sarah Hatton (available from Rowan for $5). I loved the set-in sleeves, the wide ribbed neck, the little stamp of colorwork on the wrists... and I especially loved the striped colorwork pattern at the very bottom of the sweater:

But the chainmail-like motif on top gave me pause. The wide neck seemed to cut it off abruptly, like a tank top?

I thought, what if I just continued the stripes all the way up?

I wanted to use the original yarn called for in the pattern, because it really intrigued me. Rowan's Alpaca Merino DK (now discontinued but still findable online) is a very airily spun yarn that has double the yardage you are used to i…

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