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Lengthen store-bought or handmade knits with this knitting trick!

No matter how hard you measure, repeatedly try on your knits, or promise your first-born sweater in a devil deal... sleeve length rarely plays nice! If you are hand knitting a garment, there are two ways to invisibly lengthen sleeves: Top-down? You lucky knitter, just unravel your bind-off and keep knitting. * Bottom-up? Unravel the cast-on, catch the live loops on a needle and knit downward. ** *: Uh-oh, what if you don't have enough yarn? **: Uh-oh, what if your stitch pattern gets distorted by the 1/2 stitch shift that occurs when you change the direction of knitting? I'm looking at you, ribbing / moss stitch / anything with knit and purl alternating... Today's story won't be about invisibly lengthening your hand knits. Today's story will be about a very visible knitting hack that you can use for those annoying asterisk situations or even your store-bought knits. I introduce you to the versatile Double Cuff! (and her twin sister not covered here, the Double Hem)

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