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GIVEAWAY! Introducing Rowan's New All-British Yarn: Moordale

If you're a Rowan Yarns lover, you know that the brand evokes its Brit-ness through masterful woolen designs and prancing-through-the-heathered-hills photography. When I think of Rowan, my mind jumps to my first (and still favorite) Rowan Magazine 38 and this spread:

I wanted to be that lady, in that coat, in front of that THAT castle. This little American thought, "How British!

Being British is one thing, but sourcing wares is a global endeavor. Where does Rowan yarn come from? Everywhere! That's no different from any worldwide fiber brand, if you think about it. Cotton can come from Brazil and Egypt, Merino wool from Australia, Alpaca from Peru, etc. Then it has to travel to the fiber mill to be spun -- and that could be anywhere.

Throughout its 40+ years, Rowan has always been committed to showcasing a yarn that was British to some degree -- for instance, spun in Great Britain. One current example is the lovely and rustic Valley Tweed, spun in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

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