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The Old Anny Blatt... and the New! The Osborne Knitting Pattern and Its Lookalikes

This is my finished Osborne , a "recent" pattern by Anny Blatt, the French yarn and pattern design company. It came out so decadent and beautiful! Why do I have quotes around 'recent'? Well, this patten is from the second to last published booklet before a complete Anny Blatt revival  took place with new ownership in 2021. Imagine my delight when I saw that  Anny Blatt Officiel on Instagram  had posted my WIP picture on June 27, 2019: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Anny Blatt Officiel (@annyblattofficiel) But imagine my surprise when it was the last photo posted until 2021!! That new chapter has been very interesting to watch. The new Anny Blatt combines their well-loved aesthetic of super fuzzy (angora and mohair in everything), colorful, texturized knits with a more sustainable production scheme. Yarns are wound based on orders (there is no stock) and digital patterns can only be ordered along with the yarn to make them. Yes,

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