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Only a Few Skeins for a Bulky Sweater?! Piave in Berroco Aero

Ok, some of you have GOT to be like me... you walk into a yarn store and you're immediately drawn to the gigantic head-eclipsing skeins of bulky yarn in the corner. You grab them. They don't fit in your hand -- you don't care! You want a sweater made with them! You want to use big needles and be wearing it by NEXT WEEK!! But then you look at the price tag and the sad fact that there's only 49 yards per skein and you will need 18 skeins... and you wilt.

Well, my friends, what if I told you that you can have it all? You can have a super bulky yarn but with three times the yardage. You only need to buy five or six skeins for a sweater, even! That's what a new yarn from Berroco Yarns can really do. It's called Aero.

This 50g poof ball packs an astounding 164 yards -- but knits at 3 stitches per inch. That's crazy! Most bulky yarns have a maximum of 75yds per 50g.

What magic is this? Well, the Aero seems to take advantage of a blown/brushed yarn technique that …

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