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How to Knit a Super Neat Bobble! Rhythm Cardigan in Rowan Island Blend

I love bobbles. Frankly I'd like to have a garment that was 100% covered in bobbles... but maybe to purchase. Bobbles take a long time to knit! You can get around this by just using bobbles some of the time, like in my Buckland Pullover.

Or really minimally, like in my Hayling Pullover.

Just watch where you place them on your chest. Do you see where I omitted them on purpose? Yes, the dangers of bobbles. πŸ˜…

I was excited when I opened Rowan Mag 66 and saw Rhythm by Lisa Richardson.

No need to avoid bobbling my chest AND I'd only have to work at those bobbles when I came to the sleeves!

Even better, the pattern called for a new Rowan DK-weight yarn I wanted to try, called Island Blend. No -- not as in 🏝 Jamaica 🏝, but as in πŸ‘Falkland πŸ‘! The yarn is 70% Falkland fine merino wool, 15% baby alpaca and 15% silk. That silk is what really gives it shine.

I couldn't resist the shade Chartreuse for the cardi. It IS the color of a forest walk, look I'll prove it!

This yarn …

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