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A Short and Sweet MKAL: Gnatalie the Gnome in Rowan Denim Revive

Meet Gnatalie, the adorable result of the mystery "Gnome MKAL" by Sarah Schira of Imagined Landscapes!

I only knew 3 things about the project before I started. First, that she was a girl gnome. Second, that she had a BRAND NEW BEARD compared to the rest of her family... 😁
... and third that she was an avid gardener. That certainly became clear after the second of four total clues -- the leaf at the tippy top of her hat is darling! TIP: Tug the tip of the leaf hard, and it will come to curved little point.

The pattern calls for 4 colors of fingering weight yarn, but I had just received 3 tempting skeins of a new Rowan yarn called Denim Revive. It's DK weight and made of 95% recycled cotton. (Yes, for you Rowan fans, it is like a thinner version of vintage Rowan Purelife Revive). The recycling gives it a great organic look, with the remaining 5% comprised of small bits of "other fiber" tweed popping up occasionally in other colors.

You can see that I really pre…

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