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How To Frankenstein Patterns for the Exact Shape You Want

How many times have you looked at a pattern and said:
"I wish that had set-in sleeves!" "I wish that was for a different weight yarn." "Can I change the collar?" Have no fear, you can have all those things and more by Frankenstein-ing a pattern with another one that has the elements you want! Here's how I do it.

This is the original La Boheme by Marie Wallin from Rowan Magazine 54, and you can see that I wanted to change a lot. 😅

Some of you are probably saying, "ugh, nice pattern but that's too much to change." Yeah, I get you -- but I was head over heels for this colorwork motif (though you can barely see it with their color choices!) and I dared myself to make it work. This was an acceptable way to be a wallflower!

Couldn't I just keep the parts of the pattern I wanted (colorwork body, solid sleeves) and fit those elements into a different pattern that worked better for my body type?

I went through my closet and thought back on …

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