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Who Doesn't Want a Gigantic Cushion? A Free KAL Pattern from Rowan

Maybe I didn't read the pattern or maybe I stuck my fingers in my ears and yelled la-la-la at centimeter measurements... 🙉but I swear I didn't know this Rowan KAL cushion was going to be SO BIG!

Yes, the time had come for a new free Rowan KAL pattern by Martin Storey, and I was, of course, going to try it out. However, unlike the other 2 endless afghans I made -- I was spared by a cushion option. Phew! And there was even more fun added to the mix this time... beads!

Unlike previous iterations of this type of square-based afghan, the throw or cushion only have 4 total square types. That minimalism is justified, because the squares are really beautiful.

If you are making the cushion, you may be wondering why there are 5 versions to choose from. Throw away those instructions! Look at the 4 squares above and simply ask yourself, what do you want to make (1) (2) or (4) squares of? The one you want to make 4 times will go in the corners, and the other ones will fall like so:

The o…

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