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An Amazing Crochet Project for A Beginner -- I Swear!

Wow, right? Before making this blanket, my experience with crochet was limited to slip stitch seams, single crochet edging and the occasional double crochet bikini (oops, did I admit to that?!).

So yeah -- I wasn't a crochet noob... but I wasn't an expert by any means. I didn't even really know how to to hold the hook, and held the yarn in my right hand like I was knitting!

One day I saw this project in progress on Pinterest, and fell in love. 

But it was crochet! Could I do something that looked so complicated? I learned that the pattern was free (😱) and that almost every row was different from the last. That sounded like the perfect way to truly learn crochet at my own pace. This is Sophie's Universe by Dedri Uys -- one of the most entertaining projects I've ever done. It will be for you too, I guarantee it!

Back then it was 2015, and it was a crochet along.  I quickly realized that if I tried to keep up with it, I'd just be forcing myself to do an enjoyabl…

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