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Vintage Knitting Vibes: Tracy / Hepburn Twinset by Arne & Carlos

For me, the iconic knit from any vintage pattern book is always the twinset. Usually it's outrageously fit-forming, sculpted by a turbo rocket bra and (infuriatingly) knit on size 00000 needles. Ouch! Buy pattern here . Thankfully, Rowan revived the idea of the twinset in normal needle proportions for Rowan Magazine 67 , albeit with some flexibility (i.e. the "twin" in "twinset" could be as minimal as a scarf or shawl). However, I went right for the classically styled set, the  Tracy  tank and Hepburn  cardigan by Arne and Carlos. There were two elements to this twinset that set it apart from the vintage sort. First, the cardigan was shorter  than the tank, like a crop. In vintage patterns the cardigan is impeccably even with the piece below it. I think this croppy change gives it a very modern feel, as cropped sweaters are super "in" right now. Second, it had drop sleeves instead of set-in sleeves. Now, the ever-present knitting editor in me immediat

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