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What Your Favorite Knitter Needs: Labels!

I started knitting when I lived in New York City. It was the era right after the book Stitch N' Bitch came out, so naturally I was on the hunt for local Stitch N' Bitches! I found my clan on the Upper West Side and had many a laugh with them until it was time for a new chapter in Montréal.

My going-away gift was one of the most thoughtful I've ever received. A set of woven labels for my knits!

These labels made me feel like a fashionista (but too bad "DKNY" was taken, lol). I think labels serve 3 very excellent purposes, and they're worth giving as a gift to your favorite knitter.

They're perfect to attach onto knitted gifts.They're "proof" you didn't buy the dang thing!They reallllly help when you have an item with a very subtle back to front difference, like turtlenecks.

My husband actually requested that I sew a label into one of his hand knitted turtlenecks, after I caught him wearing it backwards a couple of times!

As wonderful as t…

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