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My First Stint on the Radio! Hear About "Real Life" Knitting on the Replay

It never occurred to me that "Dayana Knits" would have an opportunity to be on the radio. I've showcased my knitting on the Fruity Knitting podcast, but that was scripted out and pre-recorded!

Back in college I dreamt of my own DJ show (techno!) but was far too scared to put my voice out there. Even more -- what would people think of the music I played? What if I said something totally ridiculous? Likely. 😆

All of this flashed through my mind when my friend Jill (a long-standing member of our weekly Jesup Library Knitting Guild group in Bar Harbor, ME) asked, "Hey, who wants to join me on the radio to talk about knitting?" I thought, "Oh dear, this is a fab opportunity to embarrass myself... but... FAME!" Okay, that's a just a bit of an exaggeration. Just a bit!

I decided to join in -- have a listen, it was really great!

Replay the show here

The venue was WERU 89.9 Community Radio and the show was "Talk of the Towns." Jill started that …

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