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I Designed This Month's Standard KnitCrate -- Yarn and All!

No time to read? Get my April KnitCrate here (this link gives me a small compensation) and also get 20% off with code: DK20
My knitted beret goes off to knitting and crochet pattern designers, it's WAY more work than you think! A pattern idea is great, but it's really just the start of a long process. You write something down, but when you start knitting it, things invariably don't quite work. Next you start the frogging, re-writing, re-working loop until the elements of your pattern finally work the way you intend. No, that's still not a light at the end of the tunnel, that's something in your eye! Now you need to write it down so that someone can actually read it from start to finish (Dayanaese needs translation), while avoiding errors (how do people do this?!) and then, omg what if you have sizes!! 😱

In other words: those prices you see on patterns are absolutely worth it, especially for garments.

I generally don't design because of all of the above. B…

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