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4-Color Stranded Knitting? Sheesh! Maple Cardigan by Marie Wallin

Maple by Marie Wallin Ok, let me explain why I'm rather tired after this epic knit! Colorwork knitting comes in many flavors: Stripes – 1 color per row Slip stitch colorwork (a.k.a. mosaic) – 1 color per row slipping a different color from a previous row Stranded colorwork / Fair Isle – 2 colors per row carried across the row together (note that Fair Isle changes colors quickly so that no color locks are needed behind the work) Intarsia – unlimited colors per row knit one at a time off of bobbins Oh wait I forgot one: Stranded colorwork on drugs!! – 3 or 4 colors per row carried across the row in unison I love stranded colorwork. Knitting with two colors is totally doable by knitting continental with one color in the left hand, and knitting english style holding one color in the right hand. You can also just carry two colors in one hand and manage just fine.  But you know how an amateur juggler starting with 2 balls is laughing and pandering to the crowd until someone throws three

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