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I'm exploring two Rowan yarns! Norwegian Wool and Pebble Island

"Isn't it good, Norwegian wood?" -- The Beatles

"Isn't it gool, Norwegian Wool?" -- Me

Ok, so Rowan's yarn name for "Norwegian Wool" seems to be a cute take on this classic tune, though I haven't confirmed that intention! Don't worry, at first touch the yarn is 'gool' as in 'cool' not 'ghoul'. 👻

Rowan Norwegian Wool was first released as an Arne and Carlos branded 'Rowan Selects' yarn, meaning it was available on a limited run. Once it was gone, it was gone. BUT it was so popular that it became one of the few Selects yarns that has joined its sisters in the main Rowan Yarn line. As such, it's been rewarded with new non-primary color shades (that was one of the reasons I didn't try the yarn before), and a THIRD Arne and Carlos "Norwegian Wool 3" pattern book! 

This book was the one that finally called out to me because of the new more versatile shades and more modern use of color blocking (versus classic Scandinavian colorwork). I'll be making Gudrun.

The yarn is 100% wool from Norwegian sheep, and has a lot of similarity to yarns you may have used from Scandinavian countries. It is strong, a tad hairy and scratchy, and loving lanolin. It has the feel of being capable of lasting forever in a garment -- as long as you wear it over something. You get good yardage out of it, 137yds for a DK weight, and it's probably one of the most affordable wool yarns you can get from Rowan.

Use code YARNSTORY22 for free shipping here until Oct. 31, 2022

"Book 3" means there were 2 other Norwegian Wool books before, of course, and the best news about that is that many of the original patterns are available free from the Rowan website. Note also, that unlike patterns from the main Rowan Magazine, these pattern books allow you to buy single .pdf patterns at Rowan or Ravelry.

Here are some free Arne and Carlos patterns I particularly like:


Tove and Tine by ARNE & CARLOS (modeled by them!)

Rowan Pebble Island

Sadly, the yarn name Rowan Pebble Island doesn't fit into any song I can think of, maybe because it's so unique!

You may be surprised at the price tag, but Erika Knight has partnered with Rowan to create a very special, 100% traceable and responsibly farmed merino yarn. It comes from an outstanding breed living on an island in the Falklands, and the wool is sent directly to Yorkshire, UK for milling. There aren't many mills left for spinning hand knitting yarns in the UK, believe me! I know this because Rowan tweeds are regularly discontinued because of mills closing up. Here's the Pebble Island story from the Rowan website:

Pebble Island, in the Falkland Islands archipelago, is home to a farming family and several thousand unique Merino sheep who graze freely on the luscious natural vegetation and breathe in the rich sea air. This special location is where some of the world’s finest pure merino wool is grown, and then carefully shorn by hand before shipping to the UK where it is spun and dyed in a family-owned Yorkshire mill. This is a yarn that has taken time and careful planning—Rowan has been able to procure the entire clip from several shearings to launch a very special limited-quantity yarn, and is committed to continuing to purchase from the island each year. This yarn is fully traceable, responsibly farmed, and 100% pure. The beautiful palette was developed by Erika Knight and is inspired by the natural stones and the indigenous flora and fauna found on Pebble Island. This exceptional yarn is natural, renewable, biodegradable, breathable, hypoallergenic, resilient and elastic, making it comfortable both to knit with and to wear.

The feel of the yarn is exceptional. It feels like real wool, like Norwegian Wool does, but it can be held right to the skin with absolutely no scratchiness. It's strong and best of all, it is NOT SUPERWASH. I know that hand-dyes are still the rage, but they are so often done on superwash merino bases that stretch, pill, and just don't have that bouncy wool quality that I love. I can only say it again and again, Pebble Island is exceptional.

Use code YARNSTORY22 for free shipping here until Oct. 31, 2022

In addition to last season's Pebble Island book, Erika has put out a small booklet this season of men's patterns called Salt-Washed (if this movie doesn't play right, here it is on YouTube):

I'll be making Dunnose for my husband. He chose the colors "Rockhopper" and "Teaberry" shown in the luscious pile above... I like!

I have some other Rowan items up my sleeve for this Fall/Winter season, but I'll tell you about them next time!

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