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The Old Anny Blatt... and the New! The Osborne Knitting Pattern and Its Lookalikes

This is my finished Osborne, a "recent" pattern by Anny Blatt, the French yarn and pattern design company. It came out so decadent and beautiful! Why do I have quotes around 'recent'? Well, this patten is from the second to last published booklet before a complete Anny Blatt revival took place with new ownership in 2021.

Imagine my delight when I saw that Anny Blatt Officiel on Instagram had posted my WIP picture on June 27, 2019:

But imagine my surprise when it was the last photo posted until 2021!!

That new chapter has been very interesting to watch. The new Anny Blatt combines their well-loved aesthetic of super fuzzy (angora and mohair in everything), colorful, texturized knits with a more sustainable production scheme. Yarns are wound based on orders (there is no stock) and digital patterns can only be ordered along with the yarn to make them.

Yes, that means that there are currently no more published pattern books by Anny Blatt 😭. However, an early reply to an Instagram post suggested that they are compiling a database of past patterns that may be available to us. While most of the yarns now available on-demand are not identical to before the re-launch, at least they are available at all! From what I can see, only Victoria remains as is, but Gyps'Anny seems very similar to Eclipse, and 70% Angora Super has been replaced by acceptable 50% Angora Douceur.

So, let's get back to the lovely Osborne from Collection Couture 226. You can buy a digital .pdf of the book in French, along with others, here.

While this seems like a straight-forward fair-isle pattern, the panels must still be separated using intarsia. Classic to many Anny Blatt patterns, there are vertical cabled ribbon bands breaking up the body and sleeves, and you definitely don't want to have lines of angora showing underneath.

Also classic to Anny Blatt patterns is this alternation of superfuzz with silky ribbon, creating an almost blurry texture to the eye. This technique was also used in my Pomona Jacket, blurred to the point where I decided to trim the fuzz a bit around the other yarns!

I left this one alone though, don't worry. ☺

While all of these diagonal lines do make an impressively gigantic chart, their movement is predictable and it was relatively easy to knit without thinking too much.

And I learned something very important about wearing angora. Initially I considered shortening that raglan armhole as it was quite deep and was harkening back to that 90's oversized sweater lewk. But I quickly realized as it lay on my lap, that angora was one of the warmest fibers I've ever knit with. And I really didn't want to ever wash this sweater!

In general, I try not to wash my sweaters because it gives them a longer life and saves them from possible felting or sizing disasters. For that, you do need to wear shirts under them. However, like many of you, I have made sweaters that are quite fitted, especially at the underarm! Those will need washing no matter how you try to protect them.

By having such a long raglan in Osborne, I am giving room for both an undershirt and a large buffer of air to cool me off.

So here's some good news for those of you who would love to have this sweater, but would rather knit with new, readily available yarns and patterns. One of the first photos that came up at the re-launch of Anny Blatt was this picture of owner Marion -- and look what she is wearing!

This is Cerbere. It's available to buy in many different colorways (and if out of stock, click the link to be advised when it returns). And I should add that many of their sweaters can be ordered for you to knit... or they can come knitted for you already! 

Here is another one called Alpha

And the best for last, Abysse.

Whether or not these pattern kits are available now, Anny Blatt releases new ones every month and you can be sure that these classic motifs will appear again. I'm very sure the wonderful designer Anne will keep us happy!

Until next time,
Dayana Knits

P.S. Ask me anything you like in the comments here!

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  1. Is Abysse an old pattern or brand new? I am scared to try to knit without an English translation. I knit so many Anny Blatt sweaters in the late 80s and early 90s. Glad they are still going! Thanks for all the information!

    1. Abysse is a new pattern, but I have a suspicion that many new patterns are based off their archive. I don't know if there are english translations to the new patterns, I will ask! Thanks so much for reading, I love us vintage Anny Blatt fans.

    2. Oh I forgot to say that I broke down and bought the Abysse kit. The chart shows all the decreases for front, back and sleeves. So you can get all the info you need without reading any language.

    3. All the new patterns are translated. I’m French but prefer reading instructions in English so often get them in both languages.

    4. Excellent! My copies are only in French, I will ask for the translations.

  2. I was wondering if you knew if Anny Blatt have any plans to provide English versions of the patterns they provide in the kits of patterns+yarn.

    1. This is a very important question! I'm going to ask now.

  3. Hi there! I'm new to machine knitting and am wondering if you give lessons? I live in the area and was very surprised to find you so close by!

    1. Hi Simone! Can you write to my personal email address using the form at the very bottom of the page? I'd like to hear more about what you need and where you are!


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