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I Designed This Month's Standard KnitCrate -- Yarn and All!

No time to read? Get a KnitCrate here (this link gives me a small compensation) and also get 20% off with code: DK20

My knitted beret goes off to knitting and crochet pattern designers, it's WAY more work than you think! A pattern idea is great, but it's really just the start of a long process. You write something down, but when you start knitting it, things invariably don't quite work. Next you start the frogging, re-writing, re-working loop until the elements of your pattern finally work the way you intend. No, that's still not a light at the end of the tunnel, that's something in your eye! Now you need to write it down so that someone can actually read it from start to finish (Dayanaese needs translation), while avoiding errors (how do people do this?!) and then, omg what if you have sizes!! 😱

In other words: those prices you see on patterns are absolutely worth it, especially for garments.

I generally don't design because of all of the above. But one day I got a call from KnitCrate, a subscription yarn/pattern box company I've worked with as an affiliate for a few years now. They asked me if I'd like to design a KnitCrate -- not just the patterns, but the YARN TOO!! Design yarn? Wait, is that even possible? It was such a cool idea I couldn't give up the chance -- even if it meant AAAAAAARRRRRRRGH... designing. πŸ˜‡

Here was my yarn designing process with KnitCrate creative director Hannah Thiessen:

H: What would you like to make?
DK: Ooh. Garments!
H: Hmm, we'll need some yardage. How about fingering or sport?
DK: Sport! It will be easier to work with.
H: Great. What do you like your yarn made of?
DK: I don't know but... er... I like sparklez. ✨
H: Ok, let's add Stellina! What base fiber?
DK: Merino! And let's add some nylon for stability in the garment.
H: You got it. What colors do you like? Here is our inspiration board:

"Our theme for April is a call to spring- Luminous.​​ Celebrating the glowing moment of the first warm day, a golden tone that permeates the evening and makes the shadows seem cooler."

DK: I love jewel tones, how about pink/red and turquoise?
H: I love the pink/red for the "Energize Me" colorway [there are 3 colorways for each KnitCrate], but we have a turquoise on an adjacent month. Have you considered purple for the "Chill Out" colorway?
DK: Not a color I use often, do you have swatches?
H: Yes, the mill we work with has a huge palette. What's your number?  I'll text you some swatches in the color range.
DK: Ooh I like the red one on top, but only the purple one on the bottom, not the other ones.
H: That'll work, I'll get those dyed up! Now, I know the "All Natural" doesn't really fit with jewel tones, what are you thinking?
DK: Well, I don't really like the yellow on the mood board, but I don't mind the tone if it's much lighter. I'd almost like something that you barely see the Stellina in.
H: That's a great idea, for people who want a classier feel! I think a very light almond/taupe would be perfect. The Stellina is silver and will fit right in.

And voilΓ ! I present to you URU.Yarn Sugared Sport, a 70% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon, and 10% Stellina. Each sparkly hank is 300 yards per 100g at a 4ply construction. Each crate includes two skeins of the same colorway.

I cannot WAIT to see the ball bands because I think my logo will be on them!!

I was so impressed with the yarn when it came. The first thing you cannot deny is that it sparkles. Like ✨whoah✨ sparkles! It's very soft (you can't feel the Stellina at all) and it feels like there is so much in the hank. The "Energize Me" colorway Ruby is the most bling of the trio. It is a perfect cross between red and pink, even by eye it looks different every time I look at it.

©KnitCrate URU.Yarn Sugared Sport -- Ruby

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the "All Natural" colorway Diamond is the silent stealthy beauty of the bunch. It is one of the most elegant colors to start, but with that subtle silver shine from the Stellina it is elevated to a couture level. This was hands down my favorite colorway. Not the jewel tones, who would've thought? If you are shy of sparkle, this is the colorway for you.

©KnitCrate URU.Yarn Sugared Sport -- Diamond

Finally there is the "Chill Out" colorway Lapis, and it is for purple lovers, no doubt! The sparkle really shines out of this one, too.

©KnitCrate URU.Yarn Sugared Sport -- Lapis
Tempted? Buy an April KnitCrate at this link and get 20% off with code: DK20
(If you only want this Crate, just cancel before the May Crate deadline)


Right from the start I wanted to challenge my KnitCrate to make garments that would fit a wide range of sizes with only 2 skeins. A tall order! As you can imagine, most Standard KnitCrates come with patterns for accessories. Hats, scarves, shawls. I get it, two skeins is not a lot of yarn. (NOTE: you can always buy extra yarn from KnitCrate in the colorway you want, often at a discount.)

I really wanted to max this yarn out so that many women would only need one KnitCrate, I tried SO HARD. You can see that the garments have tons of positive ease and are very stretchy.

I was charged with designing both a knit and crochet garment pattern. I knew it would have to be openwork or lacy to make the yardage last, so I decided to use a wide boxy shape that would naturally add a sleeve simply by sewing the side seams and leaving space for the arms.

How could I add width to a knit pattern without a lot of yarn investment? Dropped stitches! Each column of dropped stitches adds a whopping ~1/2 inch.

Unfortunately, the fun of dropped stitches only happens at the end of the garment, so before that you would just be knitting a stockinette rectangle. BO-ring. So, to keep interest in the pattern, I created panels using lace stitches and cables between the dropped stitch columns. NOTE: Don't worry beginners, there are instructions in the pattern to omit the central cables!

Mic Drop Top by Dayana Knits
Dropped stitches really are a blast, you are going to be so excited when you get to that point. Here's my tutorial on how to do them.

I wanted the crochet pattern to resemble the knit pattern aesthetic, but there is no way to "drop" stitches in crochet. In fact, that's probably one of the appeals of the craft! I decided to mirror the dropped stitch look by creating a mesh using treble and chain stitches.

I have to say that I LOVE the fit of this garment. It only comes in two sizes but the largest one (60" bust + positive ease) barely goes into a 3rd skein so I think that many of you crocheters could get away with just 2 skeins for your tunic.

Net Result Top by Dayana Knits
I will admit I've never designed a crochet pattern before, but thankfully, KnitCrate has angels, um, pattern reviewers, that slogged through it and let me present you with something you should be able to make. 😊

Well, that's my KnitCrate adventure! It's probably the only time I'll design yarn again in my life. Bucket list? Check.

For those of you who are interested in KnitCrate but don't know how it works, here are some details:
  1. You can buy my "Standard" crate for $24.99 from this link (and only that link will give me a small compensation for the sale).
  2. But you can get and 20% off your first crate ever with code "DK20"
  3. Shipping is flat rate and ships anywhere in the world.
  4. There are 4 colorways you can pick from (and you can change them based on the early preview any month): "Energize Me", "Chill Out", "All Natural", "Anything Goes" (their pick).
  5. They also have "Sock" crates (it's pretty cool this month), and you can use the above code and link for those, too.
  6. If you don't want to get future KnitCrates, simply cancel after you've received your April Crate. 
Even if you don't want a KnitCrate for yourself, they do make great gifts. This is a weird time in the world and I would never want to push anyone to buy something they can't manage at this time. However, if you do have some extra income or would like a fun project to do while isolating at home, this is a way to support me and keep me inspired to share free patterns on my Dayana Knits Facebook Page. I am very thankful to you all for reading and following, no matter what. 😘

Thank you and be well!!!
Dayana Knits


  1. Hi Dayana. Both patterns looks awesome. Sadly, due to this outbreak, I had to put on hold my Knitcrate subscription. Will there be other ways to purchase the patterns?

    1. Oh I totally understand, and thank you! My understanding is that the patterns will be available for purchase on Ravelry. When they come out I will have another post with the links. I hope you find some great stash yarn... you won't need as much as you think, I tried hard to make the yardage last!

  2. Great designs, Dayana!
    -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)


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