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Wow Everyone Around You With This Yarn Bowl Transformer!

Admit it, you love walking into your knitting group with a special item and watching everyone drop their jaws! Ok, well I certainly do -- and the second I saw this little number on the internet, I knew I had to have one, even though I hadn't gotten to see it in FULL TRANSFORMER ACTION yet.   ⚡️

Lazadas project caddy review by Dayana Knits

Lazadas project caddy review by Dayana Knits

This convertible project caddy/yarn bowl is the latest knitting accessory by Lazadas -- and if you don't have time to read through this review, it's available here.

You may recognize the name "Lazadas" from my raving review of their flexible blocking wires. Three years later, I am still in love with those things. If this is any indication of the quality of the project bag, I'm in.

Lazadas flexible blocking wires on Dayana Knits

This sweet little yarn bowl shapeshifter is made of 100% odorless silicone. This means it's waterproof -- as long as you don't spill your coffee through the 4 needle/yarn holes, lol.  It also means it's heatproof, should you forget your project bag in the oven. Kidding! (unless you have a very interesting story to tell me...)

The silicone is stamped with sweet little knit stitching along the outside:

Lazadas project caddy review by Dayana Knits

Lazadas project caddy review by Dayana Knits

But the inside is perfectly smooth, and will certainly never snag on anything.

Using silicone is an interesting choice, because it has enough rigidity and weight to stay smartly in place when open (the bottom is shaped so it will sit flat on any surface). Conversely, it has enough flexibility to easily mold into a purse AND accept a lot of the odd shaped objects associated with crafting.

It's not gigantic inside, but I'm impressed with everything I have in there right now: 2 skeins, a measuring tape and a seamless double front + back cardi I'm working on:

Lazadas project caddy review by Dayana Knits

In case you're curious (especially with that ball of fur in there), the project is my Constantine by Louisa Harding:

Constantine cardigan by Louisa Harding, on Dayana Knits

Let's talk a bit about the little holes. There are 4 total, 2 on each side. The original purpose of the holes is to insert needles from the inside to the outside of the bag so that they don't snag on anything:

That could snag on things outside your purse, of course, so you decide! I prefer blunt needles because of the way I knit, so I personally don't have snagging problems when I store projects.

The other way you could use these holes is like a classic yarn bowl, threading the yarn through the holes so that ball doesn't fly away while you pull:

Lazadas project caddy review by Dayana Knits

Note: the center hole does not actually hold my DK weight in the center while I knit, it does end up slipping into the smaller adjacent hole. Therefore, it requires a light effort to pull as you knit  (i.e. it's not like pulling yarn smoothly through a ceramic yarn bowl). I'd guess that a chunky yarn would stay in the center, but it would still run against the hole as you pulled.

If you do use these holes for yarn, don't forget that if you stick yarn through one of these holes and start knitting, you'll be "locked in" to knitting until the ball is done! There is no exit hole like some yarn bowls provide:

t & h yarn bowl by Quince and Co. on Dayana Knits
t & h yarn bowl from Quince and co.

It's more like this type 😂:

somethinglucky13 on Etsy yarn bowl on Dayana Knits
From somethinglucky13 on Etsy

I think most of the time I'll use it as designed, with the yarn coming out of the top openings:

Lazadas project caddy review by Dayana Knits

Yes, there are other colors!

Lazadas project caddy review by Dayana Knits

I also wanted to mention a couple of other things to be aware of about silicone. I found that knitting with a highly dyed yarn left some coloring around the holes. DON'T WORRY! Just wipe with water and it disappears immediately (so easy to clean!).

Lazadas project caddy review by Dayana Knits

Lazadas project caddy review by Dayana Knits

Another heads up: like all silicone products (I see this on my potholders, coasters) -- when there is a static buzz around, such as on this bone dry February day in Maine, hairs and fuzz will stick to the silicone. Static guard spray or rubbing the silicone with static-free microfiber will help with that.

I was super lucky to have been given this yarn bowl to review from Lazadas, because it's exactly the kind of easy to clean, hard-wearing bag my click clacking knitting hands need. And it's actually my first yarn bowl, I've joined the club! Even though it was a freebie -- I really truly recommend it. It's a fabulous little piece, especially for those of you who like to collect one-of-a-kind project bags.

Visit the Lazadas project caddy shop here (and don't forget about those blocking wires!)

Lazadas project caddy review by Dayana Knits

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