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The Wake Shawl Will Keep You Awake Knitting Until It's Done

I always try to be principled, stick to my guns and buy a sweater's worth of yarn when I splurge. But sometimes, pesky magnetizing skeins like this come along.

This is Timeless Tweed by To be honest, the tight spun superwash merino was like any other hand dye, but what grabbed me by the hair and yanked me back was the 15% Donegal Tweed. Who puts tweed in a superwash fingering yarn?! Mmm, someone I love.

I succumbed to this lovely skein in Purl City Yarns (Manchester, UK) after a visit to the Rowan Mill in Holmfirth. I was a good girl about something at least, and also bought a sweater quantity of this.  ;)

A 400 yard skein of yarn languishes in a Dayana Closet. As in, you can only really make a shawl with it, and there are no hooks in that closet, just shelves for sweaters! I had to wait for the perfect little project, and it took a year before designer Kephren Pritchett was testing just the thing I needed: the Wake Shawl. It's named after the wake behind a boat.

You can see what she means compared to my photo from the back of a boat touring around the island I live on in Maine.

(That's Egg Rock Lighthouse in the distance, here it is up close.)

The wake is formed by increasing with yarn-overs every discrete number of rows. Actually, I couldn't predict when the next wake would come, I like that it kept me guessing.

I followed everything to the letter, but if I were to do it again, I'd try to expand that middle section wider... it's the part I really love.

I would also knit more rows (I did the smallest size) because I find it can slip off my neck.

I've been playing with a new photo set-up! I found this ridiculously cheap light set on Amazon, I highly recommend buying one if your best wall is dark.

The Wake Shawl is part of a group of designs with a watery theme, you can buy the Knitting on the Beach e-book here. Kephren keeps adding shawls to it, so buy now and you'll get whatever's left in the collection for free. My next one will be the beautiful Current.

See my Wake on Ravelry


I thought I'd show you a bit of my new screened porch. It is made of orangey douglas fir and corrugated tin roofing. Alas, this furniture lasted about a week before we had to tarp it up for next year. (Reminds me of finishing mittens when summer starts).

To maximize our view of the lea below we decided to add some plexiglass.

That was fall, and now, without the leaves, we are extending the deck completely.

This other end will be a mud room. Right now you open the door straight into the house and lose all your heat in 12 milliseconds!!

Fingers crossed it is ready for the winter.

In other news, I started my new job as Social Media Specialist at The Jackson Laboratory on Nov. 2 and it really has been occupying most of my mind and time! It's the first job I've had that is so fast-paced, it's a game changer.

Don't worry, KNITTING NEVER STOPS. I've got two sweaters done to show you. Stay tuned!

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  1. That shawl is very cute and suits the yarn perfectly!
    Your new porch looks great.
    And good luck with your new job!

  2. I love that shawl and your yarn choice looks perfect! Thanks for introducing me to this pattern. I hadn't seen it before (adding it to my queue now). And your porch looks gorgeous. Your going to love it next spring!

    1. Thanks!! FYI, Kephren gave this pattern away for free for a short time, so it's good to keep an eye on her promotions. If you're on FB, I always post limited time freebies on my page:

  3. Love your Wake and I love Easyknit Jon. Always pick up something luscious at a yarn show. I'm currently doing Stephen West's KAL and my third colour is a beautiful silvery grey semi solid from the Easyknits boys, Deeply Wicked Isengard. Deck looks great and looks like you're all set for another Maine winter!
    Helen x

    1. Ooh, lovely! I'm not sure where you get their yarn here in the US. Maybe Eat.Sleep.Knit, must research further!

  4. I love this mustard yellow, can't wait to see what you knit with it. Congratulations on the new job again, and the house renovations. A mud room will be perfect for the long winter. Take care.

    1. Yes that mustard yarn needs a pattern, stat! You know how it is though, it's easy to buy sweater quantities in sport (cheaper), but knitting it takes eternity!!

  5. Congrats on the new job and glad you are enjoying it ! Your Wake shawl is lovely as are the pics to go with it. Your new porch is
    beautiful and I am sure you will appreciate it through the winter. Love reading your blog, please keep us updated, especially with the new knits.

    1. I will J., I'm a bit slow on here, but not on the needles!!

  6. Love the shawl, yarn, but what really got me was the screen porch. Whenever I need to go to a happy place, I evoke memories of our 100+ year old country house in Ste. Agathe where I spent many summers. What I wouldn't give to go back there. Unfortunately, the house was deliberately burned down by some hooligans so all I have left are the memories. Do please keep those screen porch pictures coming. Brings me great pleasure. Thanks, Dayana!

    1. Oh wow, how wonderful a place it must have been. And to burn it down! Just you wait, the new mudroom is the CUTEST little thing!

  7. I love Wake. And your photos are terrific. They make me want to knit that shawl. Good luck with the new job.

  8. Your pictures are gorgeous and I love that post title! Thanks Dayana!

  9. Awesome pattern and the perfect yarn for it. Looks lovely on you, too!


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