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A Bit O' Honey -- Jerry Beret by Kim Hargreaves

I admire the people who buy paperbacks for their vacations and read them all by the end of two weeks.  So much accomplishment in so little time!  My version of this in knitting is what I coin the "Paperback Pattern".  The criteria required are (think Da Vinci Code, Stephanie Plum novels): Addictive, Fast and Absolutely Requiring No Brain Cells.

Introducing the cutest and easiest hat ever: Jerry by Kim Hargreaves.  It is designed for Rowan Softknit Cotton, which I reviewed here.  I simply love how it shines.

The design is from Kim's latest book Honey, which you simply must check out.  (Scroll down to the end of the post to see my favorite designs.)  Kim is the queen of simplicity and fit.  Actually, this means I almost never make her patterns (because I'm an overcomplicated idiot), but I should!

I loved how just a simple twisted rib and a small reverse stockinette band makes it just fancy enough.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the hat was.... KNITTED FLAT.  Knitted flat?  A hat?  I thought, why would you want a seam on your hat when we are all drowning in circulars and interchangeables these days?

But then I splashed some virtual water on my face.  I wanted a Paperback Pattern and I was going to stick with it.  I did have to pack 3 different needle sizes though, increasing my knitting baggage (which is always embarrassing, see my vacation last year).

Weeeeell, it's never that easy, is it:  it took about a day to make, and it was so cute... but only if I modeled -- just so -- for the photograph.

But in reality, it was so ginormous above the brim that it weighed the hat down over my eyes.  I needed to get rid of some excess, stat!

(Ooh, sneak peak of the next finished object I have to show you from Rowan Mag 55... I'm in love!)

Instead of decreasing every 4th row for the crown, I decreased every 3rd row twice and then every other row for the remainder.  Success, now it looked like it did on the model!

I've been wanting a cotton hat for awhile.  My building's air conditioning is absolutely unreasonable (think of the energy that could be saved!), but wearing a wool hat in the summer just seems wrong, you know?

So now you are asking... what about the seam?  Well, I used mattress stitch because that is the flattest of seams and it's not so bad.  Yes, you can see it... but no, it really doesn't matter at all.  You don't care if the spine is broken on your beach paperback, after all, it just shows you actually read it!

A LITTLE TIDBIT FOR YOU KIM HARGREAVES FANS:  There are two books coming soon! "North" in September, and another secretly named one in November.  In the meantime, pick up Honey because it uses a lot of cotton and we can't give into fall yet, can we?!

Anyone would look good in Angie; Rowan Cotton Glace.

So simple but it fits so well, right?  Pockets too in Candice; Rowan Panama.

I could see myself wearing Dylan daily; Rowan Handknit Cotton.

Classic Kim revisited in Farrah; Rowan Creative Linen.

A pretty cute crop in reverse stockinette, Faye; Rowan Wool Cotton.

Fluffy decadence in Goldie; Rowan Kidsilk Haze and Fine Lace

A bit of gansey going on in Jodie; Rowan Softknit Cotton. 

So timeless; Madeline in Rowan Cotton Glace

Man, I never knit in a white but Raquel looks fab; Rowan All Seasons Cotton.

Rowan Panama looks so cool in Sherry, need to try this yarn.

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that I had a few meet and greets/interviews lately at the end of my 2-week vacation in Maine.  I received so many good wishes, thank you, they got me through it all!  I hope to have some good news for you soon, fingers crossed.  By the way, if you ever want to stay in Brooklin, Maine in a small uber-private cottage on a private beach, check out this property on Airbnb.  I have never been in a more zen moment that at the light of a little lamp, reading a New Yorker with the ocean breeze blowing through the safety (ha) of the lovely screened-in porch.  If I live in coastal Maine (as I most likely will), I want this in my life.

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  1. Awww Dayana... just loved the Beret on you !! Simply lovely !!

  2. And it is always lovely to hear some changes in the pattern from you.. which work so well for us. Thank u so much for sharing those extra tips

    1. You know me, I change EVERYTHING! Thank you, you're the greatest.

  3. What a lovely beret, Dayana! I've never knitted a hat flat and I'm not really sure why Kim would opt for this. But seaming is not the end of the world and like you said it's not super noticeable. I'm a long time Hargreaves fan and coincidentally I just ordered Honey.
    I look forward to the new book North in September! xxx

    1. Hey, just saw the previews for North today: Looking good! It wouldn't take much to convert in the round, you probably should. Laziness can be so fun though...

  4. Love the hat but not the seam looks awful.will do on circs.

  5. Dayana, thank you so much for posting this review. I love that outrageous photo of the too large hat! Total laugh out loud moment! I am really glad you wrote this review, as I have been planning to make this hat and I will be glad to follow the modifications you suggest to avoid that effect. Wow, so excited to hear the release date of Kim Hargreaves' autumn book at last. I'm actually kind of glad it is so late, it will give me time to finish up summer knits. :-)

    1. Ooh goodie. This took me, like, a day to make, so you could even take a project break to make it? Do tell me how the mods work for you. Another option would be to shorten the number of knit straight rows before doing the decreases as stated.


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