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Dreaming of Spring in Montréal: Free Plant Pot Cozy Design

Last post I showed you a cushion design accepted by Rowan featuring Pure Wool Worsted, woohoo!  As that design was part of a small contest for home décor items, and I wanted to Win Me Some Yarn, I wracked my brain to design something that was NOT a pillow/cushion.  I mean, if you think knitting and then home décor, what's easier than a pillow, right?

The next thing that came to mind was cozies.  People wrap all manner of objects up in yarn: teapots, coffee pots, iThings... apples...

I was totally shocked when I found 65 apple cozy patterns on Ravelry.

Bloepper's version of the Apple Cozy / Jacket pattern by Linda Dawson

Now a tea/coffee pot cozy makes a bit more sense, as the wool must keep the tea nice and warm. But I couldn't compete with the amazing patterns out there.  It's really worth clicking on this search to enter a whole new world of knitting.

The Beehive Tea Cosy pattern by Patons is free here

The Sack of Mice Tea Cosy pattern by Debi Birkin available here

Jazzquelin's version of the Barrel Cactus Tea Cozy pattern by Gina Russell

However... there are only 6 knitting patterns for PLANT POT cozies on Ravelry, and my plant pot corner needed some spicing up.  :)

Plant Pot Cozy: Free pattern download here!

Ok, so a plant pot cozy is not an *essential* home item and really serves no purpose whatsoever.  At least a teapot cozy keeps your tea warm!  To my surprise, I absolutely love it as a home decor item.  I especially like how the wool texture sits among the pot ceramic and leaves.

Most of the patterns available are plain knitting.  My idea was to mirror the elements of a plant with some kind of motif.  Off to the stitch dictionaries, this time flipping through some old Nicky Epstein books.

She has a nice take on the organic, and I got to looking at her extensive leaf motifs.  The leaf motif is used over and over in knits with little yarn-overs to show the leaf rib.  Wouldn't the perfect place for a leaf motif be on a plant pot?

Veera Välimäki's Modern Garden Cardigan for download here

Bonus: a twisted rib for the leaf "stems" provide a lot of stretch!  Also, if you just twist the cozy while on the pot, they'll move diagonally and travel along the pot like a cable.

I wrote the pattern flat with a seam because Rowan tends to use flat knitting.  However, it is easy peasy to convert in-the-round... just remove the first and last stitch, which are selvedge stitches.  See detailed notes on this on knithemiptera's Ravelry project page.

I would recommend folding up the bottom when watering, but it's not essential.  Wool is naturally fast-drying and odor-repellent.  If you are using Rowan Pure Wool Worsted, it's washable, too!

This is a great stashbuster, only 92 yards of worsted weight yarn required.  The cozy fits a very wide range of pots -- in fact, through testing I discovered that it's fabulous on a big square pot!

See knithemiptera's Aleaf Cozy here!

And it looks so great in Noro, too!  See Gothknitty's Plant Pot Cosy Ravelry project here.

If you make one, do tell me how it came out!  I'd love to see someone try it on a really big pot.  Just cast-off rather loosely and it should work.  Now, off to design a humidifier cozy!   (Just kidding.)


  1. It is so lovely! I might give it a go.

    1. Oh, I would love that! I was thinking you could do it in a plastic/raffa twine and use it to decorate pots outside, too.

  2. This is so cute, Dayana. I love the apple cozy and the mouse-y teapot cozy, too. It's got me thinking that everything needs a knitted cozy; maybe Doug's guitar?

    1. YES. Now tell me, is it on display or in a case? Because it would be hilarious for him to suddenly come upon it, lovingly covered and dust-free!

  3. What a fun idea to put the leaf motif on a plant cozy! For anyone with a lot of plants in pots at home that would be an invaluable decorative item! Love the version in the variegated yarn the best. :-) I can't keep any plants indoors--my cats eat them!

  4. Cats cats cats, one must build ones life around them, lol! After my current Noro pullover I am definitely trying a variegated one with the leftover bits.

  5. i'm so grateful to your lovely work, photography, tips, info and inspiration. thank you so very very much. i'm about to start the plant pot pattern. what a truly wonderful idea to add our desirable texture through craft into our homes in this manner. woohoooo! ;-) xx

  6. That's wonderful, I'm so glad you want to make it! :D If you want to send me a picture when it is done, I would LOVE to see it. Happy knitting, and I just published a new post you might like:

  7. I would love to knit the plant pot cosy but the pattern does not seem to be available. Could you share?

    1. Here are some links, I will add them to this post:


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