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If you want to know a little bit about me... visit Roux Knits Blog!

I was lucky enough to meet the lovely artist and blogger Roux while she was hunting for the designer of Freija (by Mari Muinonen).  Pictures of my beloved version are all over Pinterest, but with no references!  So sad!  

I was totally honoured when she asked to do an interview of me about my knitting.  Because I haven't really said much about myself, I thought I'd direct you to her blog post!

Roux is such a fun and dynamic person, I'm so glad we have met.  Go internet!  She is especially a fan of crochet and crochet bikinis.  In the interview, you'll see we have a little something in common there...

The best part of the interview, in my opinion, is where she asks me for any funny knitting stories.  I have had some *ridiculous* moments in my knitting life... those might be worth the click, alone!

Thanks, Roux! <3


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