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My 1st Finished KnitCrate Project: Fleck Shawl

Who here gets yarn subscription boxes? And who here gets the projects done?! 😋 For those of you who don't know, a "yarn subscription box" is a surprise box you get every month filled with yarn, a pattern  -- and sometimes a giftie (depending on the type of box you order). I've been getting different types of boxes from the company KnitCrate for over a year, and I genuinely enjoy it. Sometimes I rip it open right away, but sometimes I take my time and open it veeeeeery slowly.

💰 Since then, I've become a KnitCrate affiliate and would like to share a discount with you.

Try any type of box here for 20% off using code "DK20" -- it's free international shipping!
Back in September (don't judge lol!), I received a box that was PARTICULARLY enticing. (Shrimp thought so, too).

This jewel blue squooshy worsted certainly leapt into my hands! Let's face it, you just can't knit up every box you get in a timely manner. It's not unusual (yes, it&…

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