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The Best Faux Fur Yarn I've Ever Seen -- Louisa Harding Luzia

So one day I arrive at my knitting group in Montréal, and my friend Claudia is wearing a luxurious cowl that looked like it was made out of $$$$ mink.

I thought she must be sporting a special gift for her anniversary until I heard her say, "I needed 7 skeins for it!" What?? That was made of yarn?!?! I tell you, if you see these items in person, you'll never believe they were knitted.

This furry yarn is Louisa Harding Luzia and it comes in both "normal" fur colors and all sorts of crazy ones.

I wanted to see how Louisa Harding used this yarn and found a beautiful fur-trimmed cardi that came in full-length and cropped sizes, called Constantine.

Both versions match the body to the fur trim, but I thought it would be fun to do something in contrast colors.

I also hope you can see how the body has some cool detailing that matches moss trim with stockinette. These aren't separate button bands but knit at the same time as the body pieces. It was my first Louisa H…

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