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Ode to Classic Elite Yarns and How I Ended Up On Their Covers!

You may have heard the sad news this week -- Classic Elite Yarns is closing shop. They've been making yarn in some form or another since the 1940's according to their website, wow! Though I've come across their yarns countless times throughout my knitterly life, I have to admit I've only used one CEY yarn, Gatsby. It was a crazy, bulky, and unique tweed that made a great fabric.

Remember when Loop-d-Loop came out, by Teva Durham? This is her Diagonal Twist Princess Seam Jacket, which I made back in 2006.

Let's put knitting aside though, because I have a different, much odder relationship with CEY than yarn. The bulk of my knitting life so far was in Montréal, and when I arrived, I joined a local group that met at Starbucks every week called "Montreal Knits".

There I met many Montréal designers like Mona Schmidt, Kate Gilbert (created Twist Collective) and Veronik Avery (now with Brooklyn Tweed, Quince & Co and more). When I first met Veronik she work…

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