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Is it Love? A Tryst with Anny Blatt Yarns at Essentially Felt in Maine

I lived (and knit) in Montréal for 10 years, so I've had a lot of exposure to French yarn brands. After I moved there, I realized pretty quickly that French designs were often more fashion forward than other patterns, so I made it a priority to teach myself how to follow patterns in French. This was my first go at it, using a pattern from Phildar!

Still, there was always one brand missing throughout those years and that was Anny Blatt/Bouton d'Or.  I knew Anny Blatt especially because of seeing books brimming with fantastical 80s and 90s sweaters in Montréal thrift shops!

This was all I knew. Oversized, fluffy, fascinating.

Then my friend Yarnstylist blogged THIS. I couldn't believe how beautiful the designs were! You could basically make a Chanel coat by knitting with a variety of Anny Blatt yarns. I started combing Ebay and thrift stores for those newer catalogs, but I never really had any luck.

So, imagine my total surprise when I saw this postcard from a store near me

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