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Learn to Knit a Chanel-Style Jacket at the Anny Blatt Knitter's Retreat!

And you'll learn some of these classic techniques from yours truly! 😊

REGISTER HERE: Oct. 26-29, Cape Elizabeth, Maine
If you know the storied yarn company Anny Blatt, then you know that every one of their "Couture Collections" has a mind-blowing jacket pattern that you thought you'd only see on the runway... not your shoulders. I like to call them "Chanel-style", because of the variety of knitted textures, plaids -- and most iconically -- trims they have.

If you don't know Anny Blatt, they are a French yarn mill based in Provence (in existence since 1770!) that has been making luxury wool, angora, silk and mohair blends throughout the 20th century. Their name comes from the eponymyous french knitwear designer who rubbed shoulders with Chanel, Lanvin, Patou, Dior, and Balenciaga.

THIS IS LUXURY WOOL AT ITS FINEST. I'm serious! When you get your hands on some, especially their natural fibers, you can tell that decades of refinement have gone into it…

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