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GIVEAWAY! Rowan Selects Cosy Merino and an Intro to the A/W 2018 Season

40 years of Rowan, can you believe it? Yes! It's their so-called Ruby Anniversary and they've even created a temporary jewelled logo to celebrate. Where's that sparkle .GIF when you need it?!

You can't be around for 40 years in the yarn industry and not have your twists and turns. I hear that to celebrate, Rowan is asking knitters around the world to provide a sample of each of their many yarn lines over the years, for a tour. The ones we loved that are gone, the ones we weren't so sure about (Cotton Braid, might I suggest?), and the ones we adore that remain. (Phew, thank you for still being here Kid Classic!) I'd love to see that show but it will most likely be limited to the UK, sigh.

This season brings Magazine 64. The cover coat, Perinone, is by Zandra Rhodes and uses 20 balls of Kidsilk Haze. A rightful celebratory pattern if ever I did see one!

Being a relatively recent knitter and born in 1977, I haven't been around to witness the full lifespan of …

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